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Soldiers Story

Up until recently, I must admit, a huge burden has been lifted from off of my shoulders. For the longest time after my deployment to Afghanistan, I felt that my time in that God forsaken land was a huge waste … Continue Reading Soldiers Story

My Sacrifice 2

Once again duty has called for me to answer and miss out on some important moments with friends and family alike. I can only pray that my sacrifice will not be in vain, and that Gods magnificent plan for me … Continue Reading My Sacrifice 2

Not Another Day

Recently I called a family member of mine so that I could wish them a happy birthday the other day. He ended up saying something to me during the course of the conversation that kind of got me looking at … Continue Reading Not Another Day

Just another day

Last night marked my 25th birthday. Although I would have loved to go out somewhere and “Get it in” instead I chose to spend most of my time either in the gym or getting some school work done. I think … Continue Reading Just another day

First Blog Entry

    I’m sitting here right now in this class for my insurance license. Well actually it’s the pre-qualification class to take the test for the license but whose keeping track. Anyway like I said I’m sitting here thinking to myself how … Continue Reading First Blog Entry

Hello world!

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